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It is observed in areas with a warm climate. Females lay up to 190 larvae in fresh wounds, macerated skin, or on prednisone pills membranes of natural openings, usually in small cattle or camels. Treatment. Wounds containing wolfartium larvae are treated with a 3% aqueous solution of chlorophos or trichlormetaphos. After 2-3 days, the treatment is repeated, pus and dead larvae are removed. With a mass defeat of sheep, they are bathed in baths with insecticidal liquids.

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Trimming of tails and castration is carried out before the flight of flies. Before being driven out to pasture, the hair of the rams is cut near the prepuce. Volfartiosis (Wolfahrtiosis) is an entomosis of humans and animals caused by the larva of the Wolfart fly when it develops in wounds, macerated skin or on the mucous membranes of natural openings.

Wolfart fly (Wohlfahrtia magnifica Schiner, 1862), fam. Sarcophagidae, order Diptera is a non-bloody, viviparous fly, common in temperate and hot climates.

The body of a light gray fly has a length of 9-14 mm. Adult flies live in fields and feed on plant nectar. The female lays up to 200 larvae. Larvae of the first instar have 3 curved hooks on the head segment, larvae of the second and third instars have 2 hooks each. The size of an adult larva is 14-16 mm. The larvae grow rapidly and after five days, having passed two molts, reach 1.7 - 2 cm, after which they crawl out to pupate.

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Pupation takes place in the ground. The flies emerging after 3 weeks mate and after 10 days begin to give birth to larvae. This occurs most intensively on sunny days at t 20-30°. During the season there can be from 3 to 7 generations of prednisone online, depending on the climate.

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Female flies spawn from 120 to 160 very mobile larvae about 1 mm long into open cavities (nose, eyes, ears), on wounds and ulcers on the body of animals, sometimes humans (while sleeping in the open). The larvae crawls deep into the auditory canal, from where it makes its way into the nose, into the cavity of the upper jaw and the frontal sinus.

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There is also parasitism in the oral cavity - in the gums, where the larvae destroy their soft parts (see Oral myiasis). The larvae can perforate the wall of the eyeball and completely destroy the eye. There are known cases of destruction of the skin of the head by larvae.

After 5-7 days, the larvae fall into the soil and pupate.

Vulvodynia is discomfort in the vulva, which persists for a long time and is associated with an allergic reaction, an infectious process (herpetic, fungal), or some other disease. According to buy prednisone, vulvodynia is observed at least once in a lifetime in every tenth woman of childbearing age.

After removing the larvae with tweezers, pathogenic phenomena disappear.

Various factors, as well as their combinations, can lead to the development of vulvodynia. Often the cause of the pathology is a change in the pH of the vaginal secretion to the alkaline side against the background of: In some cases, vulvodynia is psychogenic.

Depending on the cause of occurrence, the following forms of vulvodynia are distinguished:

Severe forms of the disease can cause a decrease and even disability due to order prednisone pills pain that occurs when trying to move. According to the features of the clinical course:

Vulvodynia is characterized by the occurrence or intensification of prednisone at the moment of even a light touch to the tissues of the vulvar ring.

The main symptom of vulvodynia is long-lasting pain in the external genitalia. It can be both acute and aching in nature. The pain is localized in the area of ​​the entrance to the vagina, clitoris, small and (or) large labia. Much less often there is pain near the anus or perineum. In some patients, the pain is combined with dryness, itching, a feeling of heat and redness of the vaginal mucosa.